Andreas Dorau – Girls In Love (Euro CDS)

Quite silly and from ’97.

Disco Euro Trash that samples Inga Humpe and performed by German musician, Andreas Dorau the person behind by “Fred vom Jupiter” (1981) – link below

Grungerman (Wolfgang Voigt) certainly adds plenty of deep bass on his mix, hard beats and I like the mix of light and dark.

Forever Sweet make there mix into a bit of Tech House track. Looping and harmonizing Humpe’s vocals.

ElektroMotor – 571 991-2

1Girls In Love (Original Version)3:42
2Girls In Love (Grungerman Remix)5:16
3Girls In Love (Forever Sweet Remix)6:58

3 thoughts on “Andreas Dorau – Girls In Love (Euro CDS)”

  1. Song was catchy enough to make me go down a freaking rabbit hole on Inga Humpe (Humpe and Humpe, Swimming with Sharks)…. I had one song (Careless) by them but found several that were note worthy. So half a day later, it has been a fun trip… Thanks !
    Bonus points awarded for them being lookers !

  2. “Quite silly” you say but some how did not make everyones favourite weekly blog post: “silly sunday song”!!! Im scratching my head.

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