Kraftwerk – Radioaktivität *links added* (Euro CDS)

To boost the stats and pander to the masses here is this evergreen classic from ’91 and part of “The Mix” compilation.

François Kevorkian provides a radio short mix with the lyrics sung in German, whilst Willian Orbit electrofies his mix . That Kevorkian full twelve is exquisite.

I’ve re-upped Mike B’s US 12″ which has some other mixes.

And here are the links

Kling Klang – 1C 560-2 04516 2

1Radioaktivität (François Kevorkian Remix)4:08
2Radioactivity (François Kevorkian Remix)7:26
3Radioactivity (William Orbit Remix)7:23

2 thoughts on “Kraftwerk – Radioaktivität *links added* (Euro CDS)”

  1. Just heavenly stuff which ANY mix of, completely justified the expenditure for the largely superfluous “The Mix, ” in my opinion. I am very partial to the Orbit “Hardcore” mix on the US 12.”

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