xPropaganda – A Secret Place (LTD CD)

And here it is…. well worth the wait!

From October 2018 and from the one off gig at The Garage, Islington on March the 24th. I was quite pleasantly surprised.

The live versions keep all the original sounds but most notably include plenty of producer’s Stephen Lipson guitar playing. The backing musician’s include Manhattan Clique’s Philip Larsen on keyboards. The legendary Paul Jones on drums (really ?) Percussion from Luís Jardim, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Snare  – James Watson and actual trumpet from Sam Tate.

Post Punk Monk does a detailed review here;

A raucous crowd greets and applauds each track. The whole album is played with a couple of bonus tracks, the Industrial ” Disziplin” (a Throbbing Gristle cover) and Lou Reed’s “Femme Fatale” original B-side of Dr. Mabuse. A little bit too sanitized if I was pushed for a criticism. In places it did need more live Ummph!



xPropaganda Ltd. – Dx/01

1Dream Within A Dream9:45
2The Murder Of Love5:13
5Frozen Faces7:24
7Sorry For Laughing3:43
8Dr Mabuse5:52
9The Chase4:35
10Strength To Dream3:39
12Femme Fatale4:58

11 thoughts on “xPropaganda – A Secret Place (LTD CD)”

  1. Links are dead, can you please re-up.
    I’ll be very happy if you can also post Matador 12″ single by new wave band Xmal Deutschland.
    Thank you for your awesome blog .

    1. Just purchased some X-mal and they were expensive (From Europe) anyway as Djjedredy is working on a lot of shares I will get them in my next batch and send them over soon (Original 12” and the Blood and Sand Mix). Tried to get the CD version from Philippines and he cannot ship to California.

      Anyway unless Djjedredy has them from his collection they will be sent over. Worth the wait plus some more Xmal…

      1. That’s awesome.
        Thank you VM Mike B. you’re a great contribution to this great place. Looking Forward.
        As always thank you Djjedredy.

    2. All done, I have a few to send over with some others. This week – I’m actually still looking for SPK – can’t believe this never not been able to find vinyl (For Chris). YES! Hang tight and sorry for the delay you’ll like them!

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