Inaura – Soap Opera (CD 1 and 2)

Someone wanted some more Inaura (I think it was me!) so Fred has delivered.

From Jan ’96, “Soft Opera” has little bit’s of DM’s “Rush” in it (and Knightrider)

The UK CDs has the edit and the full length plus 2 bonus tracks.

Instrumental “Surf” has Space bleeps, slow tempo beats and atmospheric synths and guitars, chilled.

“Redhead…” has similar laidback vibe, building up with some intricate guitar work, like quiet Smashing Pumpkins.

Both produced with Adrian Bushby (Alison Moyet, Honeycrack)

EMI – 7243 8 82495 2 2

1Soap Opera (Edit)3:53
2Soap Opera5:45
4A Redhead And An Hour Glass5:20

On the second CD there is a remix done by Sank (Sanken Sandqvist) who beef’s up the bass and drums, generally thrashing it up. “Reach Out And Touch Faith!”

Bonus track “90’s Itch” crashes through with some tasty riffs and from the album. A Progressive House remix of 100 Degrees features a gentle Dancehall feel under the guitar parts, nice an dubby with plenty of squelching acid.

EMI – 7243 8 82496 2 1

1Soap Opera (Toytown Remix5:32
290’s Itch4:25
3100 Degrees (Flash Faction Mix)8:19
4Soap Opera (Album Version)5:43

Both CD’s in one file

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