Messengers ‎– Frontiers (Extended Version) (12″)

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You could be fooled to think this was a Midge Ure track, chimed up by the DX-7 and engineered by Rik Walton and John Hudson. There is even Midge guitar on this slightly extended version. Released September ’84.

I’m here for “Plains Of Siberia”, atmospheric and dramatic and my favourite track by them and I’d not heard it for at least 35 years! The constructed harmonies and the crashing drums.

Bowie’s “Andy Warhol” get a synth cover and what a gem it is. The crashing drum machine and live toms (probably nicked from the Quartet tour!) and moody bass synth.

Musicfest – MUST X2

AFrontiers (Extended Version)
B1Plains Of Siberia
B2Andy Warhol

2 thoughts on “Messengers ‎– Frontiers (Extended Version) (12″)”

  1. And the sharp Peter Saville Cover didn’t hurt either. I only have the “I Turn Into You” 7″ but all of the Messengers’ discs have been on my Infinite Want List for decades. You just never see these in America!

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