Various – The Best Of Epics (CD)

From a new contributor Stephen (in WAV too !!!) Thanks a lot mate!!!

More DMC mixes by Paul Dakeyne and the Mixbusters Tracks 5 and 7 (Steve Anderson and Jason Davies) I guess I left the best to last. These are the mixes I enjoy, no copyright, just bung it into the sampler !

Plenty of samples (in fact tons of them!) Sigue Sigue Sputnik’s are added to the “Sputmix” – I had great fun finding the original source material (5)

Thunderbirds and James Bond get onto Blue Monday ??? Probably too crazy for some tastes. Probably too many on this track (3)

Yazoo are next to get interrupted with random samples (4) Soft Cell, Frankie….oh I get it now, the featured track is the loose scaffold that the remixers hang some quite random samples on.

Michael Grays final track has a moon / space exploration theme over some Disco theme Space songs. (Star Wars and War Of The World samples)

BIG FILE so just the one download link.


1Sigue Sigue Sputnik–Love Missile F1-11 (Sigue Sigue Sputmix)6:53
2New OrderBlue Monday (Re-Ordered)9:52
3YazooSituation (Re-Situated)9:48
4Soft CellTainted Love (Cell Out)8:45
5Frankie Goes To HollywoodRelax (The Megamix)7:12
6Nitro DeluxeLet’s Get Brutal (The Digital Remix)7:56
7The Art Of NoiseBeatboxRemix7:20
8VariousLight & SoundDJ Mix [Megamix] 8:32

3 thoughts on “Various – The Best Of Epics (CD)”

  1. Is that a cheeky wink placing Rodgers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific into the shall obey Blue Monday?

    These mixes are twisted and awesome – they’re going to do wonders for my schizophrenia – thanks Stevo!

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