Hot Tracks – Various – Series 4 Issue 7 (US 2 X12″)

From 1985 and sounding very mid-80’s (fancy that!) A wide selection of exclusive remixes by US DJ Service Hot Tracks.

Aretha Franklin gets a 9 and a half minute mix from Mike Carroll – more cowbell ? Phasing (too much), drop outs, additional instrumental , he certainly throws the kitchen sink at it. (3)

New Order and a different but okay remix of the frog Disco track , “Perfect Kiss” from late Chicago DJ, Mark ‘Hot Rod’ Trollan. It is 11 and half minutes – longest New Order remix ? (3) Point off for the phasing!

The Tech returns on this mix of the Eurythmics, even if the drums do get a bit monotonous. Heavily edited by Bradley D. Hinkle and quite experimental, you have to wait over 2 minutes for the song to kick; it does with some terrible phasing and chopping (my ears!) (3)

How can you have an extended edit? The ABC mix,again, is long one, completed by “Hot Rod” – better than the official release as it mashes up “A to Z” into the mix! (5)

The first of a couple of Prince tracks, “America,” from “Around The World In A Day”, the usual frantic funk with heavy guitar and a political message. Remixed by “Hot Rod” Tollan (4). “Baby I’m A Star” from “Purple Rain” (and one of my favourite track from the LP, gets over edited by Bradley D. Hinkle (who phases everything – must have been a fashion at the time) (2)

The final track is Nu Shooz and a very different mix, not sure who by ? Lots of extra drums and a live sounding horns. More funky than the cheesy, commercial sounding official release.

Hot Tracks – SA 4-7

AAretha Franklin–Freeway Of Love (Interstate Mix)9:35
B1New OrderPerfect Kiss (Remix)11:35
B2EurythmicsWould I Lie To You (Ultimix)6:27
C1ABCBe Near Me (Extended Edit)9:08
C2Prince And The RevolutionAmerica (Remix)6:27
C3Prince And The RevolutionBaby I’m A Star (Ultimix)8:30
DNu ShoozI Can’t Wait5:49

3 thoughts on “Hot Tracks – Various – Series 4 Issue 7 (US 2 X12″)”

  1. What a shame Hinkle was addicted to phase (and unnecessary extended drumbeat endings) – Baby I’m A Star would’ve been a great remix. And the first 2.5 minutes of Would I Lie To You would’ve put him in prison today. Just terrible. Arrrrggghhh – the phase is back! Why Mr Hinkle? Why?

    I’m sure lovers of Nu Shooz and New Order wouldn’t find their remixes the snoozefests that I did. OK, but nothing dazzling.

    Be Near Me & America work really well though – some really simple ideas executed with style.

    I’m a huge fan of Aretha’s original Freeway of Love – and I’m still trying to figure out if this kitchen-sink remix improves or detracts. One second I love it, the next I’m scratching my head. Gotta love the commitment to cowbell though.

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