Violent Femmes – Blister In The Sun (CDS)

Released in 1997 but titled as “Blister 2000” this re-recording was due to it being featured in a film – “Grosse Pointe Blank”

It is very different, featuring saxophone as the main riff, violin and glockenspiel. It works in a loungecore sort of way. The skiffle beat is still there.

The original is here if you need a decent copy of it to file away.

London Records – Prcd 7416-2

1Blister In The Sun2:07
2Blister 2000

The Fixx – One Thing Leads To Another – Remix (CDS)

Yes, that track! How Odd !!!

On John “Jellybean” Benitez label and released in the US in 2000. Again full lyrics but the musical backing ???? (Please keep your comments clean!)

So Jellybean adds thumping House beats and looping the vocals over some heavily treated guitar licks. Running out of steam with the plinky plonk synth riff.

The two Dubs further distance the track from the original. Boris & Beck further pounds the beat with the remnants of the Jellybean mix looping in the background and that bloody , tinny synth riff.

At least Greg Rule’s was a little bit different. But it is repetitive as hell.

It’s going to be a long week!

Jellybean Recordings – JBR 2583-2

1One Thing Leads To Another (Extended Club)7:21
2One Thing Leads To Another (Radio Mix)4:15
3One Thing Leads To Another (Boris & Beck Dub)6:33
4One Thing Leads To Another (Greg Rule Dub)6:11

Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights (Proteus Full MIx) (MP3)

Wuthering Heights - The Proteus Full Remix.wmv - YouTube

An unexpected treat after the dodgy opening few minutes it does take off. How on earth would you go about remixing this Classic ? And in Prog House style ?

Maybe a bit repetitive for some (it never got an official release) Wonder what Kate thought of it ?

Well Proteus had a go and it kind of works. The duo seemed to have gone their separate ways as their Facebook page and Myspace page are cobwebbed.

Snap! – Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (CDS)

Okay let’speed up this old track so the kids can dance to it ! At least they keep Thea Austin’s powerful vocals.

It is speeded up to Rave B.P.M but CJ Stone (German trance producer Andreas Litterscheid) adds some Trance synths. The Club mix being the harder version.

I’m guessing Martin Eyerer adds that strange breakdown in the video mix and expands on in track 3. I prefer the more Tribal beats, “It’s Like That” – but the rap seems old hat.

The original is also here, unmessed about with !

Ministry Of Sound – MOSCD5030

1Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (Video Version)3:20
2Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (CJ Stone Radio Mix)3:49
3Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (‘Check This Out’ Rmx)7:06
4Rhythm Is A Dancer 2003 (CJ Stone Club Mix)7:45
5Rhythm Is A Dancer ’923:44

Various – Remix Culture 9/92 (12″)

As far as remixers go DMC did a reasonable job. At the time when DJ’s needed to get that exclusive mix, that no one had heard yet, the subscription service delivered. Mostly re-vampiing some old classics but also updating some current Dancefloor fodder. They all seem to be around 7 mins long as well. Sometimes the record label would license the DMC mix to be included on the official releases.

Sister Sledge get their ’79 classic remixed by Phil Kelsey. A complete rework and a successful remix. (4)

Bobby Brown (New Edition) gets remixed by Steve Anderson with a bit of Handbag House. Full vocals and other various shrieks and “Come On'”. The Rap break with the House Piano really works on this Party tune. (4)

Felix (Francis Wright) has the old skool Banger mixed by Greed (Jon Pearn and Michael Gray) They lighten things up, keeping Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something”samples and the organ mix over more Progressive Beats (3)

1978’s Sniff N The Tears gets a Ben Liebrand remix. Organ riffs and House beats and some ill placed car noises. Credit that he kept the main lead vocals.

DMC – DMC 116/1

A1Sister SledgeLost In Music (The Birthday Boys’ Bump Remix)
A2FelixDon’t You Want Me (The Greed Remix)
B1Bobby BrownHumpin’ Around (The Bouncing Bob Remix)
B2Sniff ‘n’ the TearsDriver’s Seat (The Ben Liebrand Remix)

Marc Almond – Rare Stuff + Megamix

Bring on Marc Almond Monday !!!!

Marc Almond And Friends – Discipline (Flexi Disc 7″)

A cover of a track by Throbbing Gristle with an early incarnation of Marc and The Mambas.

Tribal with a backing band this came out in October 1982. There is still synths here but it is the even darker subject matter. He even refers to the readers at the start.

Was he trying to get the magazine banned banned and how many times does he sing discipline on it ?

Flexipop – Flexipop 23A


My Death (Fan Club Flexi Disc 7″)

Nearly listenable (Don’t try headphones at the start!)

From August 1984 and a Jaques Brel cover. A labour of love for Almond and a brilliant arrangement.

Well worth the endurance. Moody Blues “Knights In White Satin” in places.

Gutter Hearts – none

AMy Death

In Your Bed (Italian Single Sided 7″)

From 1987 and only available with a Soft Cell / Marc Almond book with photos and lyrics. 145 pages, hence the rarity. Written by French songwriter, actor Guy Bontempelli,

Piano and voice as you’d expect but a cello joins in with some drums. Billy Mackensie would have appreciated it.

The First Version it would be later re-recorded for Absinthe – The French Album.

Stampa Alternativa – SCONC. 003

AIn Your Bed3:15

Marc Almond And The Willing Sinners – Vermin In Ermine (Cassette)

From October 1984 and the expanded cassette version of this remarkable album, probably there was more room. (A4, B4, B5 are the bonus tracks.) Involving young producer / engineer Flood as well as usual Soft Cell choice Mike Hedges. The clear sound coming from the Hartmann Digital Studios, Bavaria.

Almond’s first solo album and going no where near the Soft Cell sound. Each song is of epic length, he must have been storing them up!

Narrative songs with an International flavour and with a host of backing musicians. He also jumps around the decades with his arrangements.

Some Bizzare – BIZLC 8

A1Shining Sinners
A2Hell Was A City
A3You Have
A4Split Lip
A5Crime Sublime
A6Gutter Hearts
B1Ugly Head
B2The Boy Who Came Back
B3Solo Adultos
B4Joey Demento
B5Pink Shack Blues
B6Tenderness Is A Weakness

Marc Mx (CD)

From October 2009 and featuring 55 minutes of dance remixes from his later collaborations. Featuring work done with Loverush UK! (Roland Faber and Mark Schneider), Punx Soundcheck (John Taylor and Arif Salih) Replicant, T-Total and Divider.

All mixed together by Kinky Roland ad Mark Loverush. He doesn’t atand still does Marc.

Blue Star Music

Marc Mix(55:00)
1.1Perfect Honey
1.2Love Narcosis
1.3Too Damn Beautiful
1.4The Dark Age Of Love
1.5Neo Burlesque
1.6Prime Evil
1.8Perfect Honey
1.9Please Stay
1.10Self Control
1.11Take Me Away
1.12Saint Now
1.13Baby’s On Fire
1.14Soul On Soul
1.15So Long The Path (So Wide The Field)
1.16Smoke & Mirrors
1.18Perfect Honey

Silly Sunday Song – 129 – The Supertroopers – Money, Money, Money (Netherlands CDS)

A punk / grunge covers of 2 Abba classics, entertaining but weird from Dutch Abba Cover’s band The Supertroopers who released this in 1998 (Blame Fred!)

They even add some squelchy synth to bolster it up!

Like the unhinged “Take A Chance On Me” a bit better. Loud , quiet , loud thrash out!

Concluding our S series.

Van Record Company – 7243 8954052

1Money, Money, Money3:32
2Take A Chance4:21

Soft Cell – New (-ish) And Rare (-ish)

Well as I take a rest from compiling the S Bands of the week (Sorry Retro Hound for (deliberately) not including any of your tail wagging suggestions 😁) – I will dedicate today to this band

Soft Cell Sunday !!! (TAA RAA!)

Ready for Marc Almond Monday!

Monoculture (US & UK Promo 12″)

Mike B sent over both the UK and US Promo of a good, but quite forgotten track, “Monoculture” from their comeback album, “Cruelty Without Beauty” (2002) Retreading old ground or a fresh reboot ?

The UK Promo has a couple of long remixes by fans, Playgroup (Trevor Jackson – does he do do any mixes under 10 mins ?)

Dave Ball keeps his foot on the analogue gas and Playgroup even have a play with giving the bass blast from “Tainted Love” a reprisal towards the end. Marc’s vocals are high up in the mix, love those lyrics.

Solvent (Jason Amm) goes very analogue and squelchy on his sparse remix. Retro grade.

Cooking Vinyl – SCP002

AMonoculture (Playgroup Remix)10:50
B1Monoculture (Playgroup Instrumental)10:48
B2Monoculture (Solvent Remix)5:07

Tribal House is the theme of veteran DJ’s Antoine 909 and Serbian Oggie B.

Jan Driver (German DJ Jan Siebert) adds Big Beats as he builds the track via an electro base dropping a huge Bass sound.

Think I prefer the original.

Both here;

spinART Records – spart 120

A1Monoculture (Playgroup Remix)10:50
A2Monoculture (Antoine 909 + Oggie B Edit)4:13
B1Monoculture (Jan Driver Remix)6:42
B2Monoculture (Jan Driver Dub Version)6:09

Various – How To Kill The DJ (Sampler)
(French Promo 12″)

From 2003 and featuring a couple of remixes of an early Ministry track as well.

“Memorabilia” gets an edit by French DJ’s Fany Coral and Ivan Smagge from what appears to be an early “live” version, very raw but quite a unique mix. (I have the extended 10 min version on the CD LP) The breakdown is very meaty, looping the live sounds and adding reverb and effects.

Ministry’s ’83 release has the original and a special edit from Glasgow duo Naum Gabo (James Savage and Jonnie Wilkes) messing around with the tempo and looping the sequencer and injecting the bass. Very disjointed. Mmmmm gives me an idea for next weeks theme, Just Leave It Alone !

Tigersushi – TSR 006

A1MinistryI Wanted To Tell Her (Tongue Tied Remix)4:50
A2MinistryI Wanted To Tell Her (Tongue Tied Remix (Naum Gabo Edit)5:44
BSoft CellMemorabilia (Kill The DJ Edit)8:12

Mutant Moments (E.P.)

The Holy Grail for me as I’ve not heard these early tracks before. Recorded and self released back in 1980. The group were a trio with Steve Griffith adding live visuals.

It was more fuller sounding than I imagined. “Potential” having plenty of Space noises and textures. Marc providing the sneering / sleazy lyrics. Pure , minimal Coldwave with a sudden ending.

The rhythm box is pushed high in the mix, as is are deep bass notes. The vocals sit soulfully over the top. Shame they never returned to the song at a later date.

“Metro Mr. X” has a touch of Foxx about it. More uptempo and quite futuristic.

“Frustration” has some great Kraftwerk synths and a Suicide feel to it. Quite sinister and nearly Industrial, note – not the same as the quicker version on “Non Stop Erotic Cabaret”

“I am an ordinary bloke”

A Big Frock Rekord – ABF 1

A2L.O.V.E. Feelings3:27
B1Metro Mrx2:12

Soft Cell / B-Movie – Metro MRX / Remembrance Day (Flexi Disc 7″)

Released in October ’81 with the magazine which was at the height of its popularity.

Here is the “Live” version. (You can just here “Bedsitter” starting up after the Birthday Celebration) Better vocals and much harder sounding in general. Probably mixes in with DM’s “New Life”

B-Movie give us the superb, New Wave “Remembrance Day”, love that keyboard riff. Again this sounds live.

Flexipop – Flexipop 12

A1Soft CellMetro MRX
A2B-MovieRemembrance Day

 Ghostrider – Live ’83 (Fanclub Flexi 7″)

A live cover version of the Suicide track and from the encore of their last tour. There is a bluesy guitar and treated saxophone. Scraming audience and a very wired Almond. Wonder who did the guitar ? It does seems a little quick but heh!

Cellmates – none


Keychains And Snowstorms (USB Memory Stick Keychain)

From only 2018 and a bit of a Swansong from the duo. Harking back to ttheir love of Northern Soul (check out the video for the track”Northern Lights”) It’s covered in dirty analogue synths with Almond’s voice just holding out.

Leaving the best to last is “One Last Time”, deep drums and a jittering wobble bassline (very PSB’s) Plenty of Dave Ball on vocals. Yes, they still had it. “Say Hello , Wave Goodbye”

Why so rare ? Still looking after the loyal fans.

Now Marc let’s see what you can get up to.


1Night And The City (And You)3:58
2One Last Time6:33

Steel Pulse – Your House (12″)

Some rare UK reggae mixes from Steel Pulse and a track from ‘1982. Produced by Karl Pitterson and from their must have LP, “True Democracy.”

This “Discomix” by the bands percussionist , Phonso Martin – who wrote and sung it. Light and very catchy.

“Blues Dance Raid” is quite quick for a reggae, a touch of rock. The theme touching on Police racism and the Race Riots of the early 80’s.

The last track has plenty of synth dub horns. It slides along with the vocals occasionally kicking in, built for a booming Sound System. Edited by Godwin Logie

Wise Man Doctrine – 12 WMDS 002

AYour House (Discomix)
B1Blues Dance Raid
B2A Who Responsible Dub