Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me) 2003 (Italian Maxi CDS)

Rare and an interesting offering from the band (or just Jim Kerr), the info from discogs;

“This single was issued to promote Gerret Frerich’s remix of ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’, which was going to be used as the soundtrack for an Italian Vodafone advertisement. Vodafone switched songs at the last minute, running the advertisement with Dido’s ‘White Flag’.”

The actual mix is more acoustic sounding, done at Sarm West Studios, it is nicely different, with a re-recorded vocals. (Not too sure about the Laa-Laah’s)

The White Spaces (Armando Maggiorana and Stefano Silvestri) give it gentle House beats over a funk / disco vibe.

Perky Park is more driving, dance beats and quite a bit of the original left in there. Nice piano and guitar. The pick of the mixes.

I love the way the original song is included as a sort of apology. Unusually this is the original mix from 1985 by Keith Forsey, the co-writer. The vocals sound live to me.

Track 4 is the longest mix, building and building. Phunk Investigation being a pseudo name for White Spaces. A Tech House arrangement with a deep bass pulse but it doesn’t match the vocals which have been laid over the top like a creased table cloth.


Carosello – CARSH092-2

1Don’t You Forget About Me (Gerret Frerichs’s Radio Mix)3:31
2Don’t You Forget About Me (White Spaces Main Mix)3:13
3Don’t You Forget About Me (Perky Park’s Radio Mix)3:44
4Don’t You Forget About Me (Phunk Investigation In The City Mix)8:11
5Don’t You Forget About Me (Original Song)4:16

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