Depeche Mode – Home / Useless (US CDS)

Once a goto Band for the 12″ mix. DM have slumped over the decades. I’ve always wondered if they quality control any of the mixes that get released ? It’s been a fan complaint for years.

This was before it got too bad. Bringing all the mixes of these 2 tracks together on this US exclusive.

The Grantby Mix is darker Trip Hop. Dan Grigson picking out the guitar from the mix and adding dollops of sinister atmosphere with the deep strings.

LFO (a DM favourite band) go all analogue synth on the backing with Gore’s vocals disembodied. Skittering beat and a rubber bass. Dream-like.

Skylab (with extra drums by Shino) cover the track. Space grunge, rock with Gore’s vocals (and string arrangement which gets more prominent as the track progresses.)

C J Bolland’s are the more outthere remixes. Well done the lad from County Durham! The “Ultrasonar” is the pick of all the mixes of the track He ditches the song for beats on the “Funky Sub Mix” – Big Beat !

Kruder + Dorfmeister induce dreams. (and sleep) Used quite a lot by film makers. it delivers with that false ending and restart. Gus Gus ?

Barry Anderson provides the final mix, suitably cinematic and ambient. then it kicks in to jolt you awake.

Obviously no video’s included in the download, that’s what Youtube is for.

Reprise Records – 9 43906-2

1Home (Album Version)5:46
2Home (Grantby Mix)4:38
3Home (LFO Meant To Be)4:26
4Home (The Noodles & The Damage Done)6:22
5Useless (CJ Bolland Ultrasonar Extended Mix)6:00
6Useless (CJ Bolland Funky Sub Mix)5:38
7Useless (Kruder + Dorfmeister Session™)9:11
8Useless (Escape From Wherever: Parts 1 & 2)7:15
Video1Barrel Of A Gun3:48
Video3It’s No Good4:17

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