Marc Almond – Rare Stuff + Megamix

Bring on Marc Almond Monday !!!!

Marc Almond And Friends – Discipline (Flexi Disc 7″)

A cover of a track by Throbbing Gristle with an early incarnation of Marc and The Mambas.

Tribal with a backing band this came out in October 1982. There is still synths here but it is the even darker subject matter. He even refers to the readers at the start.

Was he trying to get the magazine banned banned and how many times does he sing discipline on it ?

Flexipop – Flexipop 23A


My Death (Fan Club Flexi Disc 7″)

Nearly listenable (Don’t try headphones at the start!)

From August 1984 and a Jaques Brel cover. A labour of love for Almond and a brilliant arrangement.

Well worth the endurance. Moody Blues “Knights In White Satin” in places.

Gutter Hearts – none

AMy Death

In Your Bed (Italian Single Sided 7″)

From 1987 and only available with a Soft Cell / Marc Almond book with photos and lyrics. 145 pages, hence the rarity. Written by French songwriter, actor Guy Bontempelli,

Piano and voice as you’d expect but a cello joins in with some drums. Billy Mackensie would have appreciated it.

The First Version it would be later re-recorded for Absinthe – The French Album.

Stampa Alternativa – SCONC. 003

AIn Your Bed3:15

Marc Almond And The Willing Sinners – Vermin In Ermine (Cassette)

From October 1984 and the expanded cassette version of this remarkable album, probably there was more room. (A4, B4, B5 are the bonus tracks.) Involving young producer / engineer Flood as well as usual Soft Cell choice Mike Hedges. The clear sound coming from the Hartmann Digital Studios, Bavaria.

Almond’s first solo album and going no where near the Soft Cell sound. Each song is of epic length, he must have been storing them up!

Narrative songs with an International flavour and with a host of backing musicians. He also jumps around the decades with his arrangements.

Some Bizzare – BIZLC 8

A1Shining Sinners
A2Hell Was A City
A3You Have
A4Split Lip
A5Crime Sublime
A6Gutter Hearts
B1Ugly Head
B2The Boy Who Came Back
B3Solo Adultos
B4Joey Demento
B5Pink Shack Blues
B6Tenderness Is A Weakness

Marc Mx (CD)

From October 2009 and featuring 55 minutes of dance remixes from his later collaborations. Featuring work done with Loverush UK! (Roland Faber and Mark Schneider), Punx Soundcheck (John Taylor and Arif Salih) Replicant, T-Total and Divider.

All mixed together by Kinky Roland ad Mark Loverush. He doesn’t atand still does Marc.

Blue Star Music

Marc Mix(55:00)
1.1Perfect Honey
1.2Love Narcosis
1.3Too Damn Beautiful
1.4The Dark Age Of Love
1.5Neo Burlesque
1.6Prime Evil
1.8Perfect Honey
1.9Please Stay
1.10Self Control
1.11Take Me Away
1.12Saint Now
1.13Baby’s On Fire
1.14Soul On Soul
1.15So Long The Path (So Wide The Field)
1.16Smoke & Mirrors
1.18Perfect Honey

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