Blue Mercedes – Rich And Famous + Re-ups (CD Album)

Cheesy synthpop of the late 80’s from Blue Mercedes. Produced by Phil Harding and Ian Curnow.

All good tunes, no fillers. Sometimes the lyrics can be a bit jarring, “Your Secret Is Safe With Me” for instance reminds me of Sade but the lyric “Would you like a knuckle sandwich ?” was a bit of a shock!?

Pop ! Pop ! Pop! in the style of ABC (if produced by PWL) with a classic Spandau closing track.

All the singles are below (Refreshed – for that Super Deluxe Edition)

MCA Records – 255 246-2

1I Want To Be Your Property3:15
2See Want Must Have3:40
3Love Is The Gun4:02
4Welcome To Lovesville3:32
5Your Secret Is Safe With Me4:11
6I Hate New York3:24
8Heaven On Earth4:25
9Run For Your Love4:37
10Crunchy Love Affaire3:53
11Property (Def B4 Dishonour USA Mix)6:40
12Love Is The Gun (Miami Mix)5:06
13See Want Must Have (Funk Ass Mix)6:56
14Run For Your Love (Pop Art Mix)4:53

2 thoughts on “Blue Mercedes – Rich And Famous + Re-ups (CD Album)”

  1. I blind bought this when it was new. Quite the bitchy little album, they certainly nailed the attitude end of it but there’s a certain je ne sais quoi
    missing that would take this from Johnny Hates Jazz peer and elevate it to perfectly mining the early 80’s sound.

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