Vision – A Collection

From Discogs;

Synth pop band from Rotherham in South Yorkshire, the brainchild of keyboard player Andy Beaumont. In 1982 Paul Statham temporarily joined Vision as guitarist at the bequest of vocalist Russell Bonnell, who was a friend of his from Nottingham. Paul appears on their debut single “Lucifer’s Friend” which came out on the Sheffield based MVM label. It was a cult classic in clubs across Europe. However before long Paul headed back to the B-Movie ranks whilst Vision carried on with an ever-changing cast of musicians. They released numerous singles on the PRT imprint during the mid-eighties.

Like many others I was only aware of “Lucifer’s Friend” and it’s mix of synths and prog rock elements with a dash of Goth. The band line-up then was ; Gary Gillott, (drums) Andy Beaumont (keyboards). Russell Bonnell , (vocals) Paul Statham (guitar) and Pete Jackson (bass)

Lucifer’s Friend (French 7″)

Here it is in all it’s ’82 glory, ouch those lyrics!

“Crazy Girl” is deliberatly medieval in arrangement. Prefer it to the A side. A madrigal Joy Division.


Carrere – 13.116

ALucifer’s Friend3:58
BCrazy Girl3:30

Lucifer’s Friend (Italian 12″)

Not the best of Disco Remixes. Very thin sounding with over the top reverb.

A slightly extended version of the track is the choice listen with the extended flute solo.

“Pagan Ritual” is almost swamp rock with more Egyptian synth flute. Loose drums and guitar jamming.


Zanza Records – ZR 0115

ALucifer’s Friend (Disco Mix)8:55
B1Lucifer’s Friend (Extended Version)4:47
B2Pagan Ritual4:42

Love Dance (Special Remix) (German 12″)

A bit of a change of direction. Going for a Euro Disco vibe with female backing vocals. Vladimir helping out in the studio to give it a distinct Italo Disco feel. The Heaven Mix has more synth and less lead vocals but lots of Diva action.


Bellaphon – 120·07·062

ALove Dance (Special Remix)6:30
BLove Dance (Heaven Mix)6:57

Above is the re-upped normal 12″ with the B-side “Vision”

Tears Idle Tears (7″)

Another year and another release. This time produced by Andy Arthurs and Philip Chambon and remixed by Martin Rushent. Written by Classix Nouveau’s Gary Steadman and band member Jeremy Cousins.

It has a more Post Punk sound, more guitar, slap bass.

“Lucifer’s Friend” gets a remix / re-record with a cleaned up version. Vocals are a lot clearer.


PRT – 7P 320

ATears Idle Tears
BLucifer’s Friend

Tears Idle Tears (12″)

An improved extended mix shows Rushent at his best. Funky horns, a sax solo and his trademark breakdowns.

Now do we have the definite version of “Lucifer’s Friend” with some added drums and the improved guitar and extended outro.


PRT – 12P 320

ATears Idle Tears (Extended Version)
BLucifer’s Friend (Extended Version)

Calling The Wild (12″)

More rocky stuff on this release from 1985, again produced by Andy Arthurs and Philip Chambon. The 12″ has a twanging bass and the guitars go into Duran Duran or even Ultravox territory.

“Call Time” starts with sequencers but goes into a funky, almost New Romantic styled bit of Disco. Is that a violin sample ?


PRT – 12P 333

ACalling Of The Wild (Extended Version)
B1Call Time (Extended Version)
B2Call Time

Who’s That Stranger

More 80’s synthpop / New Wave with this release from 1986. Produced by Adam Sieff it has a feel of Dead Or Alive in the chorus. Some old skool synth sounds.


PRT – 7P 366

AWho’s That Stranger

Under My Thumb (7″)

The final release and concluding the post. Yes, a cover of a Rolling Stones track. Done in the style of Depeche Mode with an OMD riff ! Great to shove on to confuse your audience.

“Breakdown” appears again. Tuneful synthpop.


Arrow Records – VIS 1

AUnder My Thumb

11 thoughts on “Vision – A Collection”

  1. Thanks for these (and everything else) – particularly the Love Dance German 12″, which I hadn’t already got. Think I saw them live at my 6th Form college back in the day, but memory is sketchy! The singer Russ Bonnell [who died a few years ago] went on to join Scala Timpani, who released one single and did a Peel Session – which used to be available on Fade2Grey blog, but no longer there sadly. Keyboardist Andy Beaumont moved to the USA and still performs these tracks with a new singer. Apparently the guy who does the Rubellan Remasters was in touch with him for a while but lost touch without any of the old material being redone. See for the for the recent performance!

    1. Thanks for the information, not nice to hear of Russ’s passing. Far too many are taken far too soon.

  2. These are the two missing: Lucifer’s Friend (Italian 12″) &
    Tears Idle Tears (7″)

    Having a hard time keeping up with all your posts, recently (re)discovered rutracker… 😀

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