Siouxsie – Into A Swan (Remixes) (LTD Edition 12″)

From October 2007 and from her solo LP, “Mantaray” this was taken from the album and given a couple of mixes by Andrew Weatherall and Mekon. This was co-written with Brion James from the Dan Reed Network and Kim Hoglund (Kookie)

Weatherall keeps some World Beats but gives it a deep techno bass drive and a touch of the Chemical Brothers.

The Mekon (John Gosling) uses the guitar feedback to create a wave of noise. Looping and repeating until it kicks off after 2 mins. A stomping House / Big Beat track.

Very, very hard to get hold off so thanks Mike B!!


W14 Music – 174 205-8

AInto A Swan (Weatherall Remix)6:28
BInto A Swan (Mekon Remix)7:00

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