Covenant – Call The Ships To Port (German CDS)

I love this genre of music, a blend of Techno and Industrial. This was a Classic from August 2002 (nearly 20 yrs old!) and from Covenant, the German duo of Joakim Montelius and Eskil Simonsson. There is distinct Goth feel to the arrangement and lyrics.

Out of the mixes track 4 is quite radical, going into dark electro with lots of drop outs. The final mix reminds me of old skool industrial via “Boys Say Go” by Mode!

Very large and very loud (Thanks Fred!)

John Foxx provided the cover photograph.

Ka2 Music – KA2 672944-2

1Call The Ships To Port (Single Version)4:23
2Call The Ships To Port (Club Version)6:04
3Call The Ships To Port (Oliver Klitzing Remix)7:25
4Call The Ships To Port (Christian Morgenstern Remix)6:06
5Call The Ships To Port (Kaylab Remix)6:33
6Call The Ships To Port (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix)5:50

One thought on “Covenant – Call The Ships To Port (German CDS)”

  1. Thaks for this (and thr others) Saw them live in Buenos Aires long time ago and it was like a bulldozer of great songs. Everybody loved them.

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