The Blow Monkeys – Forbidden Fruit (US Mini Vinyl LP)

More from Mike B and this great little collection of early Blow Monkeys with 6 Pete Wilson produced tracks. A taster for the “Animal Magic” LP and a couple from their debut “Limping For A Generation.”

A timeless arrangement, a bit Divine Comedy meets The Smiths on the main track. “My America” combines jangle and a sultry saxophone, top track! “Wildflower” is a classic again with those lush arrangements.

” Sweet Murder (Eek-a-Mix)” sees them dabble in Dancehall, is that Eek-a-mouse guesting ? “Atomic Lullaby” was a previous single, coolness personified. “Kill The Pig” closes this little selection, showing the social conscious of the band, Pig = The Police.”Vinyl+-+1985.rar/file

RCA Victor – MFL1-8527

A1Forbidden Fruit5:51
A2My America4:05
A3Wild Flower3:01
B1Sweet Murder (Eek-a-Mix)6:07
B2Atomic Lullaby3:34
B3Kill The Pig (Pig Mix)5:23

2 thoughts on “The Blow Monkeys – Forbidden Fruit (US Mini Vinyl LP)”

  1. What a glorious gateway drug to the majesty of The Blow Monkeys! I was glad that US RCA provided this handy mini-LP after hearing “Digging Your Scene” and buying into “Animal Magic” and wanting more. This was a quick fix, but the Blow Monkeys collection has never stopped growing. One of the top bands that came after the Post-Punk period that basically did no wrong to these ears. One of the very few who I can say that about.

    This material was the sound of a great band doing whatever they wanted before getting bogged down with machines. And Dr. Robert’s soulful guitar was desperately untrendy in this period, where rawk guitar was breathing down our necks with a vengeance for an unwanted return. I think he was the one who rehabilitated the wah-wah pedal single handed on “Animal Magic” after it had been banished seven years earlier in the aftermath of punk.

    And the haunting cover portrait of Dr. Robert showed what looked like an “X” shaped scar on his cheek [at right] making him one of the [very] few popstars with scars on their cheek along with Clare Grogan.

  2. My first Blow Monkey’s record, and still a favourite. I love the extended mix, with the violins and horns going on forever. As far as I know this mix is not available on cd, which make this post even more essential. Thanks!

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