Rational Youth – Cold War Night Life (Canadian Vinyl LP)

Debut on here and thanks to Fred for the share!

From March 1982 and featuring; Synthesizer – Kevin Komoda, Synthesizer, Vocoder – Bill Vorn and Vocals, Synthesizer – Tracy Howe. The sound of the future had certainly got cheaper! Formed in 1980 in Montreal, Canada they were Kraftwerk obsessives.

Produced by Pat Desario it will appeal to any synth fans with lots of analogue sounds. I do love a geeky gear list, Moog Source, Logan String Melody, Roland SH-5, MC-4 MicroComposer, TR-808, System-100, System-700, Vocoder SVC-350, Space Echo 201 and Casio VL-1. Wow!

Some of the lyrics may seem a little cringe worthy, but the sounds are pure, Canada didn’t release purely synth records!

There is a nod to Human League on track 4, love the instrumental ” Le Meilleur Des Mondes ” and the pure synthpop of “City Of Night.”

A rewarding first listen!



Yul Records – YULP 1

A1Close To Nature4:40
A2Beware The Fly4:05
A3Saturdays In Silesia4:14
A4Just A Sound In The Night5:07
B1Le Meilleur Des Mondes3:14
B2Ring The Bells5:13
B3City Of Night4:03
B4Dancing On The Berlin Wall4:34

2 thoughts on “Rational Youth – Cold War Night Life (Canadian Vinyl LP)”

  1. Never heard of these guys before, thanks for introducing me! Turns out they’re still going nearly 40 years later with relatively new music on their bandcamp page.

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