Tom Tom Club – Under The Boardwalk (12″)

You’d be forgiven for thinking this was Bananarama. From 1982 and a quirky cover by Weymouth and Frantz.

The 12″ version goes into an extended Dub as it picks up, some nice synth over the simple arrangement.

“On, On, On, On” has some quite funky bass over a Pop backing and some heavy guitar licks, a bit B-52’s

I’ve used “Lorelei” on some of my mixes. Quirky and timeless and those mad lyrics. Plenty of Guiro action too!”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1982.rar/file

Island Records – 12WIP 6762

AUnder The Boardwalk (Long Version)5:44
B1On, On, On, On… (Remixed Version)3:44
B2Lorelei (Remixed Version)6:20

4 thoughts on “Tom Tom Club – Under The Boardwalk (12″)”

  1. Tom Tom Club were bulletproof on those first two albums. Album three was the shaky one. Then the last two were pretty great, if not to the standard of the first two. Nicely different in vibe. I only heard this single ever once the CD of the debut came out and this was added to it. I never even heard of it back in the day!

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