2 Unlimited – No Limit (Benelux CDS)

Bringing the 90’s to a close with this classic bit of Eurotrash!

As late as ’92 and here with 6 mixes, it still shudders the spine with so many blurred Club nights! Cheesy and sounding very dated, someones Guilty Pleasure. I blame Pete Waterman for bringing it over here and turning into an even commercial Rave track.

Produced by Belgium duo,Jean-Paul De Coster and Phil Wilde) The 2 Cover Stars Anita Dels and Raymond Lothar Slijngaard provide the cheesy, simplistic vocals and rap.  

The mixes try to harden up the track just a shame the vocals are left in. Love the final breakbeat mix, just nice and different.



Byte Records – BYTE 5016

1No Limit (Rap Version)3:28
2No Limit (Extended)5:40
3No Limit (Extended Rap)5:54
4No Limit (Rio & Le Jean Remix)4:56
5No Limit (Automatic Remix)4:58
6No Limit (Automatic Breakbeat Remix)4:46

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