Seigmen – Metropolis (Norwegian CDS)

Heavy stuff today with Norway’s answer to Rammstein.

From October 1995 and sung in Norwegian. Seigman -Kim Ljung, (bass guitar, vocals) Alex Møklebust, (main vocals)Noralf Ronthi, (percussion)
Marius Roth Christensen, (guitar, vocals) Sverre Økshoff (guitar) and Erik Ljunggren (keyboards) who provide a suitable Rock Opera style.

Amazing musicianship in a dense with orchestrated production. Different but worth a listen.

Backed by 2 live tracks from Roskildefestivalen. Nordic Prog.

Smaller bit rate than usual but thanks Fred!

1:70 – ENS 662 532 2

2Hjernen Er Alene (Live Roskildefestivalen -95)6:58
3Fra X Til Døden (Live Roskildefestivalen -95)5:16

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