The Mission – Swoon (Euro CDS)

From 1995 and getting into a bit of U2 territory. Wayne Hussey produced with longtime Mission studio members Steve Whitfield and Joe Gibb.

Taken from the album, “Neverland” with the line-up of Hussey on vocals and guitar, Bass – Andy Cousin (All About Eve), Drums – Mick Brown (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry), Guitar – Mark Gemini Thwaite and Keyboards – Rik Carter. (Pendragon, All About Eve)

As already mentioned, “Swoon” is quite melodic rock, the remix getting some Eastern sounds, a theme Hussey seem’s to go back to a lot. Builds slower than the regular track and keeps that Indian exotic theme.

“Whore” is dominated by fairground organ and crunchy guitar, quite glam.

“Wasting Away” is a sombre, piano ballad with some added atmospherics which gently gather momentum.

Dragnet Records – DRAGNET 70

3Wasting Away3:36
4Swoon (Reserection Mix)7:08

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