Banderas – This Is Your Life (Remix) (12″)

Are We Dancing ?

A bit of a forgotten gem from Banderas from 1991 including a quality mix from Pete Heller and Terry Farley.

They were the British duo with vocalist Caroline Buckley and violinist/keyboardist Sally Herbert. This was originally produced by Stephen Hague.

Track 1 by Heller and Farley has plenty of House piano and is mid-tempo

Track 2 by Less Stress (Mike Slocombe and Spencer Weekes) is exactly that, very chilled, letting the lyrics and the song breathe. Ambient.

Mike Dignam provides the not too wacky final mix. Sounds very early 90’s with the sampled strings but some nice beats.”).rar/file

London Records – 869297-1

AThis Is Your Life (Red Book Mix)9:06
B1This Is Your Life (Easy Life Mix)6:07
B2This Is Your Life (Slightly Wacky Mix)4:58

3 thoughts on “Banderas – This Is Your Life (Remix) (12″)”

  1. good morning excellent album unfortunately the easy life mix file has parts with audio saturation and distorts

  2. Thanks a lot, was looking for this a few weeks ago. And the Italian remixes, only have two of those

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