Portishead – Sour Times (Nobody Loves Me) (US CDS)

Some rare mixes on this US CD of Portishead’s “Sour Times” from 1994.

Beth Orton’s distinctive voice floats over the jazzy breaks and piano. The original sampling heavilyfrom Lalo Schifrin’s “Danube Incident.”

“Numb” gets a deep mix on track 2 and crops up again in the middle of track 3, after the jazzy electronic viibes. louder horns and drums make this a punchy mix

Really enjoyed ” Theme From “To Kill A Dead Man” another soundtrack to a film yet to be made, building up with full strings and the signature guitar sound.

The final track is a deliberately “grunged up” version done by the band, all rock guitars and shouting.



Go! Discs – 422-857 817-2

1Sour Times3:24
2Numb (Numbed In Moscow)3:53
3A Tribute To Monk & Canatella10:59
4Sour Times (Lot More)4:20
5Theme From “To Kill A Dead Man”4:24
6Sour Times (Airbus Reconstruction5:08

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