Massive Attack With Tracey Thorn – Protection (Euro + UK CD2)

A bit of a Bristol Day !!!

The perfect start is this poignant track from ’95 featuring Everything But The Girl’s Tracey Thorn.

Four versions. All very different.

Brian Eno adds ambience and space effects to his long mix, enveloping Thorn’s great vocals. Beats skitter in heightening the emotions. A fantastic mix for night time listening.

Mad Professor dubs it up, as you’d expect! The bass drop probably doesn’t fit and it rattles around a bit too much. Bass bin rattling!

The final mix by Juan (John) Manuel Martinez (Pharcyde producer),is different again. A Jazzy Hip Hop groove with scratchy samples. A bit repetitive in terms of the backing.

Wild Bunch Records – wbrdf6

1Protection (7″ Edit)4:56
2Protection (The Eno Mix)9:12
3Protection (Radiation For The Nation Mix)8:35
4Protection (J Sw!ft Mix)7:12

Andreas has chipped in again with the UK CD 2 release which included the Underdog (Trevor Jackson) remix, a quicker Trip Hop vibe with double layered vocals

Dom T takes the album track “Three” and adds some House beats and chops up Nicolette Suwoton’s vocals. Grandmaster Flash over a funky bass.

Wild Bunch Records – WBRDX 6

1Protection (Album Version)7:52
2Protection (Underdog’s Angel Dust Mix)7:36
3Three (Dom T’s House Of Fortune Mix)7:16

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