Massive Attack – Karmacoma EP + Additional MIxes (CDS)

Another classic bit of Trip Hop from March 1995. Produced with Nellee Hooper

*Warning” the album version goes very wobbly (You’ll have this already ? Right ?)

Portishead provide a mix, creating a bleak soundscape with plenty of vocal fx and an electric bass and guitar.

Massive Attack studio bod, Ben Young features Almamegretta, a Napoli collective, as guests on vocals. This gives it an exotic flavour and takes it on a different level.

“Daydreaming” has a livelier version, quicker and bigger drums.

Wild Bunch Records – wbrdxe 7

1Karmacoma (Album)5:15
2Karmacoma (Portishead Experience)3:57
3Karmacoma (The Napoli Trip)6:04

Andreas has kindly provided some more mixes from CD 1 and

The Radio version has very loud film samples. Mad Professor gets to the grips with a dubby version of his own.

DJ Shadow joins Unkle on the most radical of the mixes. A different arrangement and bassline with plenty of turntablism.

Mad Professor returns to deliver another deep dub on theVentom Dub Special. Yes, very Mad!

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