Happy Mondays ‎– Sunshine & Love + Re-ups (Euro CDS)

A couple of hits and now a bit of a miss

From the ill fated Barbados trip with producers Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouthon board. Lots of Rowetta and the sliding beat is there but Ryder’s vocals are all over the shop. The producers add in their own calypso synth touches.

Lionrock (Justin Robertson) do a really good job on their long remix, yep it’s very Summery and works with this more dancefloor orientated mix.

“24 Hour Party People” is given a danced up version, very synthy by M- People (Mike Pickering) Ready for the dancefloor.

The odd choice of the Bee Gee’s “Staying Alive” as a cover, done in their own style. Another Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne production.

More Mondays here;



London Records – 850 017-2

1Sunshine & Love (7″ Edit)3:23
2Staying Alive (12″)5:28
3Sunshine & Love (Lion Rock Mix No.1)7:19
424 Hour Party People4:53

2 thoughts on “Happy Mondays ‎– Sunshine & Love + Re-ups (Euro CDS)”

  1. Hello Friends !!, I am looking for material from The Black Grape, can it be ??.
    Thank you very much and I send you a big hug from Neuquén, Argentina

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