Jellyfish – The Scary-Go-Round E.P. (CDS)

Cult San Francisco band Jellyfish released this to accompany their debut LP “Bellybutton” in 1991 solely in the UK. The quartet comprised of Guitar, Bass, Vocals – Jason Falkner, Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards – Andy Sturmer, Piano, Harpsichord, Vocals – Roger Manning and Bass, Vocals – Chris Manning.

A little too twee for my taste, almost going into Divine Comedy territory on the first track. “Bedspring Kiss” is a bossa nova groove with a lush, jazz arrangement and double bass. Liked this a lot more.

The release had a variety of live tracks, here you get “Let ‘Em In / That Is Why” recorded at Bogart’s Los Angeles. Lots of piano on this McCartney partial cover.

“The King Is Half Undressed” was recorded at Roxy Los Angeles: Oct. 25, 1990, a bit of a rock out and one I’ve heard before.

Charisma – CUSCD 3

1Now She Knows She’s Wrong2:35
2Bedspring Kiss5:02
3Let ‘Em In/That Is Why (Live)4:56
4The King Is Half Undressed (Live)3:43

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