Tubeway Army – That’s Too Bad / Bombers (Gatefold 7″)

From June 1979 and originally released as separate singles in 1978, Beggars Banquet wanted to cash in on recent success, as they would.

When I first heard “That’s Too Bad” I thought it was speeded up! Having got into Numan from the usual root – synths. This Punky sound was a bit of a shock but I come to love it, a stepping stone to the Numan and the bands developing sound.

“Bombers” see’s the introduction of the Moog synth and it does resemble Motorhead’s Bomber, although a lotslower. Still like it’s Punky chug. The rest are Glam Punk (“Blue Eyes”) O.D. Receiver (Post Punk with a guitar solo and a great bassline) More driven bass on the truer Punk sound of “Oh Didn’t I Say”

Valeriun was Numan (Vocals, Guitars), Scarlett was Paul Gardiner (Bass), and Rael was Bob Simmonds or Jess Lidyard (Drums). Very Spiders From Mars but who was the fourth band member on the photo’s ?

Beggars Banquet – BACK 2

That’s Too Bad3:17
Oh Didn’t I Say2:20
Blue Eyes1:47
O.D. Receiver2:36

One thought on “Tubeway Army – That’s Too Bad / Bombers (Gatefold 7″)”

  1. Wow – you can really hear Numan’s love of pop and punk.

    Apparently (and I’m paraphrasing terribly here) Numan entered the studio to do some recording, saw the synthesiser, said “what’s all this then?”, and promptly started experimenting. Upon hearing the insane results, he decided to change his approach to making music from guitar-based to synth-based. That’s the urban myth I heard, so I’m sticking to it.

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