Marianne Faithfull – Sweetheart (Netherlands 7″)

Another 7″ from vast collection of Fred!!!

A new one to me and Marianne Faithfull from 1981 from the LP “Dangerous Acquaintances” and co-written with long time collaborator Barry Reynolds (guitarist in Blodwyn Pig) A little bit of a reggae beat and touch of Hazel O’Connor in the sound.

Produced by Mark Miller Mundy (Steve Winwood) Reynolds was joined by Jo Mavety (guitar), Steve York (bass), Chris Stainton (Keys) and Terry Stannard (drums)

The B-side was also from the LP, a mid tempo bluesy rocker. It appeared in the film , “Cold Comfort.”

Island Records – 103.594

BStrange One3:03

One thought on “Marianne Faithfull – Sweetheart (Netherlands 7″)”

  1. Sweetheart got a lot of video airplay on shows like Night Flight when it came out. It was one of the original videos in rotation on MTV at its start. It always seemed to me as if Marianne’s label wanted her to go after the Bonnie Tyler fan base at this point.

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