King Crimson – Matte Kudasai (7″)

We never do anything obvious on here! Meaning “Wait, Please” in Japanese.

Not much, if any, King Crimson on here. From November ’81 and two tracks from the LP “Disciple.” Co-produced by Rhett Davies it featured the line-up of; Chapman Stick, Bass Guitar, Vocals – Tony Levin, Guitar, Electronics [Devices] – Robert Fripp, Guitar, Lead Vocals – Adrian Belew and Percussion [Batterie] – Bill Bruford. Fans will say not the “real” King Crimson” but heh, it’s different.

This was a special mix / edit of a laidback track with Fripp’s guitar folding around the vocals. Perfect for a chilled day dream

“Elephant Talk” has got a bit of Talking Heads with Belew on lead vocals. Quirky but funky, Chapman stick being used by Levin and of course elephant noises.

EG – EGO 2

AMatte Kudasai3:45
BElephant Talk4:42

One thought on “King Crimson – Matte Kudasai (7″)”

  1. Such a gorgeous, languid number. It made for a surprising single, but was necessary to give us room to breathe on the often bracingly intense “Discipline” album!

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