Landscape – Einstein A Go-Go + Re-ups (12″)

It only took me nearly 40 years to find out there was an extended version of this track, which I felt really short changed on 7″ version – clocking in at a mere 2 minutes and 27 seconds.

Post Punk Monk recently did his own critique of the release here

It saw the beard scratching Jazz band Landscape, thrust into futurism and Pop stardom. Jazz geeks to Pop Stars helped by a whistle that you could er whistle along to. Love the dubby middle section and that incessant beat. Thank God for the 12″.

Their roots can be heard on the Space funk instrumental, “Japan” from 1979 and produced by Greg Walsh. It shows their obsession with the new technology, the synth horn riff being heard on the later LP “From The Tearooms…”

So before you ask I’ve refreshed all the Landscape stuff on here – links below; (It seems I have more but not posted them, scandalous!)

RCA – RCA T 22 (PC 5331)

AEinstein A Go-Go

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