Suzanne Vega – Blood Makes Noise (12″)

From 1992 and the sample enhanced rhythm’s of “Blood Makes Noise” (Gabriel’s drummer Jerry Marotta helps with the percussion) from the album, “99.9F°” Other musicians on the track were; Bruce Thomas – bass, (Elvis Costello And The Attractions) David Kent Hidalgo – guitar (Los Lobos) and Mitchell Froom – keyboards (Crowded House)

The Froom remix is the vital track here, suitably avantgarde samples but with the vocals laying over the top.

It even gets a House / Hip Hop remix from Clivillés & Cole. Did she always want Street Cred or was it her management ? The House version being horrendous and long, bloody C & C!

A&M Records – AMY 112

A1Blood Makes Noise (Album Version)2:28
A2Blood Makes Noise (Mitchell Froom Remix)4:10
B1Blood Makes Noise (House Version)8:24
B2Blood Makes Noise (Master Mix Club)3:56

2 thoughts on “Suzanne Vega – Blood Makes Noise (12″)”

  1. Mitchell Froom is Mrs. Vega’s ex-husband, also produced some of her albums. For a deep cut, she contributed vox to the title track from his collaborative album “Dopamine.”

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