Shakespear’s Sister – Break My Heart (Extended Versions) (US 12″)

The 1988 debut from Shakespear’s Sister (Marcella Detroit and  Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama) that took until 1990 to get a US release with remixes by Danny Tengali and William Orbit.

Written with producer Richard Feldman it is very late 90’s House with those distinct vocals, the “Yesterday,Today” being the pick of mixes some really nice string pads and some guitar from John Wesley Harding hidden in there; a bit Electribe 101, oh, that reminds me!

Now on to the William Orbit mix of a track from the debut LP, “Sacred Heart” , hip hop beats compliment the strings from Michael Kamen and deep bass from Chucho Merchan. A cracking Orbit as we’ve been accustomed to.

FFRR – 886 951-1

A1Break My Heart (Copa Mix)6:43
A2Break My Heart (Break My Dub)3:50
A3Break My Heart (Instrumental)3:44
B1Break My Heart (Yesterday, Today Mix)8:08
B2Run Silent (Revolution Mix)7:15

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