The Call – Everywhere I Go *UPDATED* (German & UK 12″)

Well some esteemed artists on backing vocals, Jim Kerr and Peter Gabriel on one of the 80’s most underrated bands.

From 1986 and some more from Detroit’s The Call. Muscular New Wave with those impassioned vocals, driving bass and just a shade of bleak melancholia.

“Tore The Old Place Town” is a mid-paced bit of Americana about redevelopment with a hint of Mike Scott’s The Waterboys.

More from The Call;

*UPDATE* Lo and Behold! (Keeping the Christian Theme) Regular follower has just shared the UK 12″ which has 2 bonus live tracks.

He adds;

Features a different line up of a few songs. Has live version of “I still Believe” and Oklahoma (both great songs). Same extended of Everywhere I go.

Most folks will remember that Tina Turner did a cover of “I Still Believe” in the movie “Lost Boys” … and the iconic “Saxophone Man”

Link at the bottom below the tracklist table

Elektra – 966 846-0

AEverywhere I Go
BTore The Old Place Down

The UK 12″

One thought on “The Call – Everywhere I Go *UPDATED* (German & UK 12″)”

  1. Thanks, probable my fave Christian group tied right up next to “The Choir”. Wasn’t a lot of pick from (in my taste of music) back in the early days to be honest. Appreciate the music as always DJ Jed.

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