Roxy Music – Remix #3 (Blue) (DOwnloads)

To complete the trio and make the completists happy! From February 2010.

It contains the already featured Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Version of “Avalon” – which needed more vocals as it keeps you hanging in a never ending loop.

Abakus (Russell Davies, the son of Dave Davies who, the founder of the Kinks and one half of the Cinnamon Chasers) remixes “While My Heart…” bringing out the fine guitar work over some jittering percussion. but sadly not much vocals.

Disco Pusher (New-York City based songwriting and production team (David Siskovic – aka Sisko – and David Greenberg) do a decent job of a B-side, “To Turn You On” – Disco hand claps and some squelchy synths.

“Always Unknowing” is a blend of synthpop and Roxy Music coolness, which kind of works.

1Avalon (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Version)6:51
2While My Heart Is Still Beating (Abakus Remix)4:36
3To Turn You On (Disco Pusher Remix)6:56
4Always Unknowing (Cinnamon Chaser Remix)4:03

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