Mark Shaw Etc – Under Your Spell (12″)

After making no impact with his debut single and the album, “Almost” making almost no impression. His last single release was the rocky, Andy Taylor produced and played on “Under Your Spell” more guitar and solos listen to the ACDC inspired 12″version,

More Rawk with a mix of “Mrs. Wonderful” with full on harmonica. Co-written by B-Movies Paul Statham. It out does Billy Idol but with a slap bass, Mr. Beggs ??? The theme is anti – Margaret Thatcher!

  • An extra track from Fred – Led Zepplin’s “The Lemon Song” gets a “live” acoustic version with Shaw ushering the ghost of Robert Plant (but he is still now in rude health) Not a bad cover, bluesy woosey.

EMI – 12EM 188

AUnder Your Spell (Extended Version)
B1Under Your Spell
B2Mrs. Wonderful (Rock Mix)

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