Mark Shaw Etc – Love So Bright (12″)

Yes, the “singing cheekbones” from Then Jericho did some solo stuff under his own name.

From 1990 and featuring an orchestra along with his distinct vocals. Listen carefully and you can hear Spanish guitar and castanets on the extended version. It was co-produced with LA engineer Mike Ging (Tina Turner)

The Bad Mood Mix (mixed with Andy Lovell (Toyah)) is more electronic adding some sax and ditching the strings and a middle section of soundbite samples.

“Song For Lorraine” goes into Simple Minds “Waterfront” territory – but didn’t Then Jericho always go there. It was co-written by Nick Beggs

As a bonus their is an additional, mellow acoustic mix of the title track “Passive Mood” by Owen Davies. Great voice btw.

EMI – 12EMP 161

ALove So Bright (The Bad Mood Mix)5:15
B1Love So Bright (Extended Mix)5:25
B2Song For Lorraine4:05

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