Reluctant Stereotypes – The Label (LP)

This was released in 1980 and features Paul King on lead vocals on lead vocals and wrote most of the tracks. From the Coventry Ska scene from the time, The Specials being the famous outcome.

Reggae / Ska-lite but with quite unique (that clarinet) and altogether pretty harmless over the dozen tracks.It was produced by Roger Lomas with a Pop sheen over everything. WEA even released 4 singles from the album and the band got a Headline at the ’81 Reading Festival.

The line-up was ; Paul Sampson (guitars and who went on to be producer of The Primitives and Catatonia) Paul King, (vocals and keyboards) an early member was Martyn Bates, ( who was went on to be in Eyeless In Gaza) Colin Heanes, (drums) Steve Edgson (clarinet) and Tony Wall (bass) Wall, Paul King and Heanes formed Raw Screens later to become King, Heanes was sacked before King was successful.

I like the Post Punk feel of “Reluctant” as it explodes into Ska-ism’s and it goes in Art Rock territory of “Reverend Green” and the lazy reggae groove of “Visual Romance” featuring King’s powerful vocals.

WEA – K 58201

A1Factory Wit2:41
A2Side With Him2:32
A3Back To The Greek3:53
A4Plans For Today3:00
A5Sundays Tears3:13
B2Reverend Green2:12
B3Visual Romance4:38
B4Confused Action2:59
B6The Label2:55

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