Resurrecting the One -Off Project and here we have Roland working alongside band member Ian Stanley creating something from the down time (there was a lot!) from the “Songs From The Seeds Big Chair” sessions.

The song featured a lead vocalist named Eddie Thomas (credited as Eddie Jnr. on the single sleeve) who previously was one of the dancers in the ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ video.7

Quite funky but as you’d expect, programmed to perfection

The US 12″ is here re-upped and a Mike B rip. (He was all over it as usual)

Here it is in a large WAV folder

10 Records – 608 479

AFish For Life 12″7:36
B1Fish For Life 7″4:04
B2Fish For Life (Instrumental)4:22

One thought on “MANCRAB – FISH FOR LIFE (German 12″)”

  1. The links are expired. Could you please re-upload this (as well as the US 12″ version)? Thank you very much.

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