Low Noise – Jungle Line (12″)

From August 1981 and a “Project” from Thomas Dolby and his bandmates as they covered a Joni Mitchell song.

Featuring; Electronics – Matthew Seligman, Guitar – Kevin Armstrong, Percussion [Beat] – J.J. Johnson (Skids, Gardening By Moonlight) and Voice, Producer, Electronics – Thomas Dolby

I think I got my copy from a Bargain Bin for 20p from Blackshaws back in the day, shocked that it was actually a Dolby product!

Dirty synth bass and layers or precussion I didn’t really like it at first preferring the piano ballad “Urban Tribal” – which still brings a tear to the eye! Such as a beautiful song!



Happy Birthday Records – UR 5

AJungle Line3:52
B1Urban Tribal3:50
B2Jungle Line (Instrumental)3:40

One thought on “Low Noise – Jungle Line (12″)”

  1. The b-side is Dolby’s best song ever and according to his book was a bit of time killing / throw away stuff done with extra studio time.
    The version here is slightly different to the remastered version that was on the deluxe GAOW years later.

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