XTC – The Disappointed (CD Single)

From March 1992 and a return to form for XTC. All about being a middle child in the family (again! I don’t throw these posts together…..honest!) With Beach Boys harmonies from the English eccentric

Produced by Gus Dudgeon (Elton John) it features ; Bass Guitar – Colin Moulding, Cello – Rose Hull, Drums – Dave Mattacks (Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull), Electric Guitar, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals – Dave Gregory, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Tambourine – Andy Partridge and Viola – Florence Lovegrove.

Of interest is the Colin Moulding’s written “The Smartest Monkeys” – here in both the LP and demo form. Witty lyrics and 80’s guitars the demo shows the raw ideas but doesn’t have the flourishing keyboard part.

Also included is another track from the LP “Nonsuch”, “Humble Daisy” acoustic strum, harmonies and plenty of Brian Wilson.



Virgin – VSCDG 1404

1The Disappointed3:39
2The Smartest Monkeys (Demo)2:56
3The Smartest Monkeys4:18
4Humble Daisy3:36

One thought on “XTC – The Disappointed (CD Single)”

  1. XTC really lost me with the “Nonsuch” album. Just a slog to try to listen through for me. “Oranges + Lemons” could have been trimmed a bit down to a tight 45 minute album, but “Nonsuch” was really where it all went off the rails. Then, years later I read “Chalkhills + Children” and “Song Stories” and lost all interest in Andy Partridge afterward.

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