Tears For Fears – Raoul And The Kings Of Spain (Euro CD Single)

Missed putting this up. (a CD single I actually own but Fred beat me to it!) From the album of the same name and from September 1995, an epic sounding track. Produced with Alan Griffiths and Tim Palmer.

I remember first hearing it and thinking about the strange lyrics and theme. Autobiographical, Raoul was Roland birth name before his mother changed it to Roland because people had a hard time pronouncing it (eventually he called his son Raoul). About his Spanish heritage and an abusive upbringing, harking back to the subject matter of “The Hurting”and about being the middle child.

He sings this really well showing his incredible range and with Gail Anne Dorsey on bass you’re onto a winner.

“All Of The Angels” has a Beatles strum of a Lennon track and a bit World Party in style. A new one to me.

Radiohead’s “Creep” gets covered. recorded from the Elemental world tour 1993. Better than the original, shame he adlibs with the audience at the end.

“The Madness Of Roland” is a bittersweet track, weird and experimental with modulated vocals. A bit Bowie.



Epic – EPC 662411 2

1Raoul And The Kings Of Spain5:16
2All Of The Angels4:28
3Creep (Live)4:53
4The Madness Of Roland5:09

2 thoughts on “Tears For Fears – Raoul And The Kings Of Spain (Euro CD Single)”

  1. This last, Curt-less album is one of my favorite TFF albums. There is a great deal of passion across the entire album. All Of The Angels is one of the best late period TFF tracks, might have been a big hit if it had been an A-side.

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