Siouxsie & The Banshees – Shadowtime (Eclipse Mix)(12″)

Again I’m not familiar with this track, from July ’91 and sounding suitably Banshee’s like. Wide sounding production from Stephen Hague and Mike “Spike” Drake, with plenty of guitars. From the album, “Superstition”and a much lighter sound, even a singalong !

Can’t wait for the B-sides and here they are! (Both produced by Charles Gray)

“Spiral Twist” has harder, rockier guitars and synthetic undertones. A bit of bouncing bass. Quality as always!

“Sea Of Light” has Bjork written all over it. Drum pulses and ethereal synth pads. Almost Cocteau Twins-like! Again a superb, hidden B-sides.

Another rare 12″ vinyl from Mike B!

Wonderland – SHEX 20

AShadowtime (Eclipse Mix)7:04
B1Spiral Twist3:57
B2Sea Of Light4:33

2 thoughts on “Siouxsie & The Banshees – Shadowtime (Eclipse Mix)(12″)”

  1. I had forgot about this song, I actually have it (vinyl) but had bloody forgot about it. The B-side song (Sea of Light) reminds me of some Fatal Charm (Under name “State of Grace” in 90s) music (Example: song called Love Pain and Passion).

    Thanks Mike (and Dj Jed) !

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