Alphaville – Big In Japan 1992 A.D. (MAXI CD Single)

A version I’d not heard before. I was expecting a Rave Remix but I got an unexpected Grunge Mix on the The Mix (Single Edit). Well, not heavy riffs but definitely more guitars than the original. (And there is a saxophone!) Funny enough it’s the best of the bunch!

Remixed by UK Production duo, The Kid & John Rudd (???) The Extended “The MIx” even goes to Happy Mondays territory with the piano riff, quite different from the single mix.

The “Freedom Mix” does go all Rave! House Beats and a “live” feel with the vocals cut up and re-arranged and it’s even worse on the Extended Mix, OOOch! It even pretends to be “Acid Rock”

WEA – 9031-76453-2

1Big In Japan 1992 A.D. (Freedom Mix) (Single Edit)3:14
2Big In Japan (The Mix) (Single Edit)4:14
3Big In Japan 1992 A.D. (Freedom Mix) (Extended Version)4:51
4Big In Japan (The Mix) (Extended Version)6:05

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