Pet Shop Boys – So Hard (The KLF Vs Pet Shop Boys) (LTD 12″)

Another Versus with some BIg hitters on a 12″ I’ve got and really struggled to get a decent rip of the ambient B-side. Mike B has!

The main mix is very trebley with some re-recorded vocals to keep with a Moroder Space Disco feel. A little bit of the song is left in, well snippets. For me when I bought it it was very disappointing compared to the majesty of the original.

The KLF put their own sheen on the track “It Must Be Obvious” adding a Space docking in the process ! A rare mix given the ambient treatment.

Parlophone – 12rx 6269

ASo Hard (The KLF Versus Pet Shop Boys)5:27
BIt Must Be Obvious (UFO Mix)9:22

3 thoughts on “Pet Shop Boys – So Hard (The KLF Vs Pet Shop Boys) (LTD 12″)”

  1. The Pet Shop Boys always have their ear to the ground. Getting in The KLF in the midst of their ambient period, before they went Stadium House was sheer genius and resulted in two triumphant remixes.

    1. Great tracks. I bought this on CD single when it first came out (as a big KLF fan back then). I can rip that for you if you want.

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