The The – Love Is Stronger Than Death (CD 2)

From the “Dusk” album and released in June ’93. Featuring as well as Matt Johnson ; Bass Guitar – James Eller (Adult Net), Drums – Dave Palmer (ABC, Clock D.V.A.), Harmonica – Johnny Marr (The Smiths) and Organ – D.C. Collard (JoBoxers, If? and Subway Sect)

A quality but quite gentle track from him.

Of real interest is the 3 live tracks, labelled as New Versions but really live interpretations, Recorded for as part of a live radio broadcast from New York City across the United States, 6th May 1993. It features lots of Johnny Marr harmonica work.

Good mix of songs from the back catalogue given a grungy re-work. All new to my ears.

Epic – 659371 5

1Love Is Stronger Than Death4:40
2Infected (New Version)5:07
3Soul Mining (New Version)3:45
4Armageddon Days Are Here (Again) (New Version)4:18

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