Simple Minds – Hypnotised (Both CD Singles)

A return to form ? Released in 1995 and using the shuffle beat of the 90’s. It has great arrangement and was produced with Keith Forsey and mixed by Tom Lord Alge.

From the album “Good News From The Next World.”

Tim Simenon (Bomb The Bass) drenches it with strings and keeps you waiting before the drums kick in, driving sequenced bass gives it a power.

The Malfunction Mix is the pick of the mixes, sounding like something from Mode’s “Ultra” (Simenon was involved in that too) Bass and drums and phased vocals segments, yup it’s a Dub!

The last track is an instrumental, piano version of the main track, maybe a demo ?

Virgin – VSCDT1534

1Hypnotised (TLA Edit)4:34
2Hypnotised (Extended Remix)6:19
3Hypnotised (Malfunction Mix)5:45

Tracks 2, 3 & 4 recorded live at the Spreckles Theatre, San Diego, California in February 1995. Good performances, nice to hear “Up On The Catwalk” belted out. A couple album tracks are featured live, the muscular rock of “And The Band Played On” and “She’s A River” which was also a single.

They did play Glastonbury that Summer !

Virgin – VSCDT1534

2Up On The Catwalk (Live)5:25
3And The Band Played On (Live)5:19
4She’s A River (Live)6:06

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