Curt Smith – Calling Out (Euro CD Single)

Not to be out down (He has the Tears For Fears name but I’ve still got a voice and some ideas!) This was released in 1993 and was the lead single from his album “Soul On Board.”

Produced with Chris Kimsey and Kevin Deane, there are certain TFF’s motifs but it is light an airy via the mix by Mick Guzauski. Co-written and sung by Franne Gold and an army of backing singers

Dramatic orchestration is on the weirdly named “Unplugged Mix” which is the definite version.

Bonus is 2 excellent , exclusive B-sides. “Deal” was co-written with TFF drummer James Copley and has a flavour of American Rock (Bon Jovi ?) with a sprinkle of TFF, especially in the bridge.

“How Does It Feel” has drum machines and synths and some heartfelt lyrics. A hidden gem and very soothing.

Vertigo – 862 575-2

1Calling Out4:17
3How Does It Feel3:57
4Calling Out (Unplugged Mix)6:07

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