NEW MUSIC SATURDAY – Introducing… ClunK

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I’ve known Keith Pleasant (a.k.a. ClunK) on and off for a good few years. He was the original drummer in the band Y.Key Operator’s (that have featured on this blog a few times) His brother was the bassist for them and regular at gigs (remember them!) I used to attend. Both amazing lads but little did I know that Keith had a side project……ClunK

Yup, he was into his electronics ( a massive fan of the Aphex Twin) and had been producing his own varied brand of electronica for 10 years. As you can tell on his output he’s been to a few Clubs in his time! Primarily techno in style and always with an unsettling edge.

Like a lot of the musicans I know he has been very creative over the last twelve months and has produced plenty of quality tracks. At the moment it is nearly one a week!

Through Facebook I asked if I could feature his stuff and given him a bit of exposure on here.

His output involves complex instrumental, there’s plenty going over on his Soundcloud page so I thought I’d pick my Top 5 and do a little review.

His roots obviously lie in the 90’s Rave scene, The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and definitely Orbital. He’s played around in all the different genres of Electronic dance, likes a full and deep analogue sound and keeps the listener involved with lots of variation in his tracks.

An early track to start with. “Plob” is a simple but ageless. Retro bass hinges it altogether.

Another early track. “Wishlist” is progressive Chillwave, as usual plenty going on.

From last year we get some samples and analogue sounds on “Faceache”, reminds me a lot like Severed Heads with a slight Industrial edge.

A personal favourite of the composer is “Bortow”, a driving bit of Techno with some haunting pads and some well placed samples, lots of variety to keep you interested.

Never sticking with a genre ClunK dips his toe into most aspects of electronica and my final favourite is this ambient piece. Plenty of effective samples as he explores Sci-Fi , a theme he likes returning to.

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The Unknown Cases ‎– Bogota Boogie (I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby) (German 12″)

Some edgy Funk from The Unknown Cases (Congas – Jan Dix, Drums –Stefan Krachten, Keyboards – Helmut Zerlett and Vocals, Guitar – Daniel Van Beek)

Written by Don Glen Vliet from Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band this was originally released by the band in 1972 it has element of Yello in the way the vocals sit with the drums.

The Club Dub is the choice of the mixes.

The “Fertig Mix” is a bit of a drum-appela, stripped right down.

A bit of a noisy rip,( need an Earth cable Fred!😊 )

Day-Glo ‎– DG M2

ABogota Boogie (I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby)5:49
B1Bogota Boogie (I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby) (Clubdub Mix)6:48
B2Bogota Boogie (I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby) (Fertig Mix)3:58

Head ! ‎– Sin Bin (12″)

More prompting ! Yes, I have some more Head.

From 1988 and the main track sampling Football commentary. (including Saint And Greavsie)

A mid tempo singalong. Terrace chanting. There’s a bit of Faith No More about the arrangement. Production by Howard Gray

“32A” is full testosterone and has some great samples wedged in. Great fun!

“The Heads Go Up” is a Scottish Football sketch ???? Written by John Lesley, I think he does all the voices.

Virgin ‎– VST 1073

ASin Bin (The Stadium Mix)
B132A (12″ Extended Mix)5:50
B2The Heads Go Up8:40

“Head” ‎– I Am The King + Re-up (12″)

As it says on the sleeve, taken from the forthcoming album: “A Snog On The Rocks” Head were a part of the Industrial / Novelty Rock acts that were around at the time (Zodiac, World Domination, Age Of Chance, Transvision Vamp et al)

From 1987 and adding a bit of technology to the traditional Rock sounds. Like the mad cousin of Billy Idol. A bit of glam stomp mixed by Rico Conning. This was their debut release and great fun on the quirky “Cake” mix.

“Killing Time” is all rock riffs and drum machines. Radical for it’s time.

More “Head” here;

Demon Records ‎– D 1053

AI Am The King (Cake Mix)
B1Killing Time (Mexico Mix)
B2I Am The King (High Profile Radio Mix)

Les Negresses Vertes ‎– Zobi La Mouche (Netherlands 7″)

Some Euro Folk from ’89 and the stomping sound of Parisian band, Les Negresse Vertes with a track called “The Fly”

Produced by Clive Martin it’s as you’d expect, a traditional French folk sound, timeless in arrangement.

Keeping the blog international as always. Dexys Midnight Runners wore berets ?

Torso ‎– TORSO 70129

AZobi La Mouche3:23
BVoila L’Été4:00

Jevetta Steele ‎– Calling You (SCANDINAVIAN 7″)

From the Film “Baghad Cafe” is this 7″ featuring 2 versions of a song written by American composer and keyboardist Bill Telson. A soft, electronic ballad.

He sings his falsetto on the B-side whilst Jevetta Steele gives it a soulful rework on the main track, her debut solo release from ’88. Just a very slight difference on the arrangement.

What a great vocal performance!

Island Records ‎– IS-385

AJevetta SteeleCalling You5:20
BBob TelsonCalling You5:18

Wire ‎– Kidney Bingos (Benelux 12″)

Another forgotten late 80’s classic from Wire. From ’88 and produced by Gareth Jones and mixed by Daniel Miller. The line-up was Bruce Gilbert (Vocals and Guitar), Colin Newman (Vocals and Guitar), Graham Lewis (Bass) and Robert Gotobed. (Robert Grey – Drums)

A mix of guitar and tech, the track was from the LP “A Bell Is A Cup… Until It Is Struck” and quite a commercial track for the experimental band.

“Pieta” is a very short, track. Tribal with chanted vocals. “Pilgrim’s Progress no journey’s end”

The live tracks were recorded at the Town and Country Club, London, December 1st 1987 with the Manor Mobile.

“Over Theirs” was from the ’87 LP “The Ideal Copy”

“Drill” seems a bit of a live favourite, quick with lots of improvised feedback and duel vocals. “Drill, drill, drill”

Mute ‎– 12 MUTE 67

A1Kidney Bingos4:10
A2Over Theirs (Live)6:30
B1Drill (Live)8:00
B2Pieta (La Piccola)1:10

R.E.M. ‎– Finest Worksong (Euro 12″)

Not much R.E.M. on here.. (never really been a fan) From 1988 and an interesting 12″ as it contains a Club mix and a live Medley from a Radio Broadcast (Utrecht, Holland 14.9.87) that includes a very short excerpt of Gabriel’s “Red Rain.”

More of a Grunge sound this was from the album ‘Document’ – the fifth studio, released on August 31, 1987 and uses new producer Scott Litt. He also adds a bit of brass from the Fairlight of Carl Marsh. All evident on the first mix which has some quite heavy riffs.

The Live tracks are quite acoustic and stripped back. The standout is “So, Central Rain” originally from back in ’84, acoustic heaven with those impassioned Stipe vocals.

I.R.S. Records ‎– ILS 651320 6

AFinest Worksong (Lengthy Club Mix)5:53
B1Finest Worksong (Other Mix)3:48
Time After Time Etc.8:21
B2.1Time After Time
B2.2Red Rain
B2.3So. Central Rain

The Psychedelic Furs ‎– House (Promo CD)

Back with an album, “Book Of Days” the Furs found themselves in a very different musical environment in 1989.

Produced with New Wave Master David M. Allen. These tracks were remixed from the album by band member John Ashton and Lawrence Diana It’s a very strong track, a definite earworm. Here in 4 very similar versions. But it did nothing and past a lot of people (me included) by.

The most radical mix is the heavier “Flashback Mix”, quite an Industrial-lite backing.

A wall of guitar and synths, the band must have been scratching their heads.

Columbia ‎– CSK 1944

1House (Single Version)3:58
2House (Flashback Mix)5:15
3House (Long Version)5:45
4House (LP Version)5:12

Re-uppage 114 – (Boys Don’t Cry, Visage, Spoons, Jane Child, Tom Tom Club, Breathe, Thrashing Doves (x2), Carmel, Spear Of Destiny (x6), Amazulu, Big Country (x2), Zip (Pete Shelley), Ranking Roger, Candyflip, Frazier Chorus, Malcolm Mclaren)

The monthly re-up list and I get to type New Link 2021 ! I was going to post this tomorrow but I’ve let the original requesters know yesterday, so I’ll share these refreshed links with the rest of you dirty animals.

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BOYS DON’T CRY ‎– DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS (12″) For Matt (Happy New Year!)


VISAGE – FADE TO GREY ’93 REMIXES (PROMO DOUBLE PACK) For Hannes (Hope it was this pack)


SPOONS ‎– BRIDGES OVER BORDERS (US PROMO 12″) For Kirk (Consider it a very late Christmas Present)


JANE CHILD – DON’T WANNA FALL IN LOVE (US 12″) For umbaka (Enjoy all those mixes!)


TOM TOM CLUB ‎– SUNSHINE AND ECSTASY (US 12″) For optieklops (Plenty of mixes to keep you going!)


BREATHE ‎– HOW CAN I FALL? (EUROPE 12″) For umbaka (Enjoy!)

THRASHING DOVES ‎– BIBA’S BASEMENT (12″) For robertmsk (Good Old 80’s guitar indie)


CARMEL ‎– SALLY (12″) For Steve (Once again thanks for your kind thoughts)


SPEAR OF DESTINY – STRANGERS IN OUR TOWN (DOUBLE 12″ GATEFOLD) For Rob Kettle (Lots more Spear Re-ups to come)

Spear Of Destiny - Strangers In Our Town (1987, Gatefold, Vinyl) | Discogs

AMAZULU – ALL OVER THE WORLD (12″) For Steve (Not greedy at all! Fill your boots!)


BIG COUNTRY ‎– WHERE THE ROSE IS SOWN (12″) For Synthpapa (But where are the synths on this ?)

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BIG COUNTRY ‎– JUST A SHADOW (EXTENDED REMIX) For Synthpapa (Get the link while it’s fresh!)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is shadowfrontcov.jpg

ZIP – YOUR LOVE (12″) For Leothoughtcloud (What a nightmare to find on here, and it’s my blog!)


RANKING ROGER – SO EXCITED (US 12″) For Mike (Hope all the tracks are there!)


PETE SHELLEY – THE TWELVE INCH COLLECTION – PART 1 For LeoThoughtCloud (Patience is a virgin!)


CANDYFLIP ‎– REDHILLS ROAD (REMIX) (12″) For twicezero (Can’t beat a bit of 808 State)


THRASHING DOVES – I WOULDN’T KNOW YOU FROM THE REST (US PROMO 12″) For Matt (Second request for them)


FRAZIER CHORUS -DREAM KITCHEN (12″) For Madz (a forgotten gem)




SPEAR OF DESTINY – RADIO RADIO (12″) For Synthpapa and AJS (Yup! you put the request on the post and it gets dealt with!)

Spear Of Destiny Radio Radio UK 7" vinyl single (7 inch record) (691630)


Spear Of Destiny - So In Love With You (1988, Vinyl) | Discogs


Spear Of Destiny - Was That You? (1987, Vinyl) | Discogs


Spear Of Destiny Never Take Me Alive - Double Pack UK 12" vinyl single (12  inch record / Maxi-single) (115568)