The Pasadenas ‎– Tribute (Euro CD SIngle 3″)

Vocal group, The Pasadenas established themselves with this release from ’88 and features the harmonies both on a couple of live tracks and an A Cappella version of “Enchanted Lady” Following on from the James Brown post who obviously inspired them. The whole Soul Funk sound superbly captured and given a late 80’s update and those name checks.

The Live versions don’t say where but uncover a tight funk band with a bit more metal guitar than expected. Were they “Live” studio versions ? Like the horns on “All Night Long.”

Three Links!!!

CBS ‎– 651594

1Tribute (Right On) (The Screaming Cat Mix)5:11
2I Believe (Live)4:52
3All Night Long (Live)6:16
4Enchanted Lady (A Cappella Version)3:45

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